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3A ThreeA Toys BBICN Tomorrow Kings Ashley Wood 1/6 Scale 12" Pathfinder Figure

Item #: TK-01


This item is currently out of stock.



1/6th fully articulated figure


  • The warrior with the body of a clone
  • A camouflage paint wind wisp
  • Double knives
  • 12″ Fully articulated figure

The warrior in a human-shaped body is sculpted in THREEA's original 1/6th scale, with careful detail added to every part of the model from the realistic clothing and bags to the weapons. It's a unique appearance that only THREEA can bring you! Tomorrow Kings are male clones, from the Popbot Universe who were created by Luthor Bean Jr. originally used for corporate takeovers. These "Elvis ronin" were created to slay all monsters & ghouls with Luthor Bean Sr.'s Ion Engine that escaped Earth. They are also used to fight the Mortis.

Figure is new in box, never removed. Box is in excellent condition

This item is currently out of stock.

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