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Recon Graffiti Legend 12" Stash 1/6 scale Action Figure Tokyo #M002

Recon Graffiti Legend 12" Stash 1/6 scale Action Figure Tokyo

Item #: M002




1/6 Scale fully poseable action figure.
Creative guru and graffitti legend, Stash, has brought street culture to the galleries with his bold graphic designs. As a clothing designer, he has carries forward his street sensibilities with the Recon line of streetwear. Featuring his bold graphics and semi-military camouflage patterns, his shirts, pants, jackets, shoes and hats suggest the urban guerilla. Like Stash’s futuristic style, the Steyr AUG is a clever combination of various previously known ideas, assembled into one sound, reliable and aesthetically attractive package.

Combining bullpup configuration (action forward), plastic firearm housing, telescopic sight as a standard and a modular design, consisting of various firearms based on the same receiver and action, the AUG is a logical development of various well known ideas, and a really successful one. In general, the AUG is known for good ergonomics, decent accuracy and good reliability. It’s tomorrows Universal Army Rifle for today.

Stash in 1/6 scale... premiering 8/22/2003 in Hong Kong Toy Con. Figure features 1/6 scale Stash in his Recon clothing, fully decked out to meet any challenge in the Urban Jungle. Spray cans, Official NIKE AIR FORCE I Shoes,and G3 Lap Top Computer to tag his visions and ideas.



Figure is new in box, never removed. Box is in excellent condition.

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