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1/6 Scale 12" WWII German Flying Ace "Star of Afrika" Hans Joachim

Item #: D80154




DID 1/6 Scale 12" German Flying Ace "Star of Afrika" Hans Joachim D80154

Full Part List
1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 All New – DID 1:6 Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)
3 Open palms
4 Palms for holding pistol

5 German Tropical Side Cap for Officer
6 German Summer Flying Helmet (partial genuine leather)
7 German DAK Tropical Sand Field Tunic
8 German DAK Tropical Trousers
9 German Pilot Leather Flight Jacket (genuine leather)
10 German Summer Tropical Flight Trousers
11 German DAK Tropical Shirt
12 Black Tie
13 Neckerchief
14 German Gloves
15 Brown Belt (genuine leather)
16 German DAK Tropical Low Boots (partial genuine leather)
17 German Flying Boots

18 German Fighter Pilot Oxygen Mask
19 German Fighter Goggles
20 German Armband Compass with genuine-leather belt
21 German Pilot Watch with genuine-leather belt
22 German Headset and Microphone
23 Cigarette
24 DID Button Hook

25 German Flare Pistol with 8 Cartridges
26 PPK Pistol with Holster (genuine leather) and Clip
27 Gravity Knife

28 Shoulderboard x 3 pairs
29 Breast eagle x 2
30 Afrika cuff title x 1
31 Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords and Diamond x 1
32 Day-Fighter Operational Flying Clasp x 1
33 Golden Party badge x 1
34 German 1st Class Badge x 1
35 Pilot Badge x 1
36 German Second War Italian Pilot Wings
37 Gold Medal of Military Valor Ribbon bar

Figure is new in Box.  Never removed. Box is in Excellent Condition

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